white Berel start

TYPE OF ROUTE: horseback riding, ecological, hiking.

LENGTH: 150 km.

DURATION: from 10 to 14 days.

SEASONALITY: June – September.


THE NAME OF THE MAIN GEOGRAPHICAL POINTS: Ust-Kamenogorsk city – Yazev Waterfall – Yazev Lake – old sawmill – Karakus Lake – Sersembay Wintering – Berel Bridge – Kokkol Waterfall – Berel Glacier – Kokkol Mine – Lake of Equilibrium.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming gear, backpack, walking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment, fish-tackle, saddle lining.

TOUR PRICE: from € 1 500.

Yazevoye lake shore

During the tour, we will have a great opportunity to see the rivers, lakes, mountains and forests of the most amazing part of the Katon-Karagai National Park. We will meet our guests in Ust-Kamenogorsk and accompany them to Katon-Karagai district. The most exciting part of the trip will begin on the shore of the Yazev Lake. For avid fishermen, the name of the reservoir does not represent any riddle. Here we will prepare for the long journey, acclimatize and photograph ourselves near the waterfall of the same name with the lake. Boiling water flow surrounds very beautiful landscape. Brushwood of cowberry shrub and 20-meter fir trees will be an excellent backdrop for snapshots.

The second point of our trip will be visiting the old sawmill, which ceased its activities even in the days of the Soviet Union. Further we will go to the Karakus Lake. Our view is a small rounded forest waterbody. Its diameter is only 600 meters. The approaches to the shore are swamped. However, at the stopping point, tourists will be able to walk up to the water. We are surrounded by high mountain ranges, overgrown with cedar and fir grove. The area around the Karakus looks absolutely wild. Here you can run into the tracks of a bear, roe deer, moose, maral. And if we are lucky, then we will see the beast. However, we will not stay here for a long time, and we will continue our journey, which lies past the Sarsenbai wintering on the mountain jailau to the anchorage of the shepherd Tursunkhan. Here, tourists can purchase from friendly hosts fresh milk, kurt, irimshyk, pot cheese and sour cream. Nearby, in the cedar forest, on the shore of a mountain stream, there is a wonderful place for a tent camp.

White Berel

Our further way lies along the beautiful banks of the White Berel River. The rapid flow of a milky shade fascinates. Thanks to the color of the waters of local rivers, many travelers and publicists have long believed that this region can quite claim the role of the world-famous region “White Water”. The river valley is no less beautiful. There are no difficult climbs and steep slopes. Along the way, we meet amazing rocky areas, small round lakes, streams and small rivers. The air is filled with the magical aroma of alpine herbs. It's amazing, but in some places in these places the snow melts only at the end of July. And then all the visitors of the trail observe an amazing picture: in places where snow melted recently, real snowdrops and primroses break through in the middle of summer. In the same place where the snow had melted a little earlier – Maryin's root blooms. Where else can you observe the whole process of seasonal change of colors in one locality? Next, we are for an obligatory visit to the waterfall on the Kokkol River. We will observe the rainbow in the cloud of spray at its foot, if, of course, the weather allows us and go further – to the lower camp of the mine, which has a common name with a river and a waterfall. Here, since the beginning of the last century, the remains of working buildings have been preserved. Here to this day tourists stop. One of them is an old wooden house with an iron stove and bunks. The habitués were renamed the “House of Grandmother Kedrovka”. For the next few days, it will become for us the starting point to amazing and wonderful places.

kokkol waterfall

In the following days, we will definitely visit the Berel Glacier at the foot of the majestic Belukha. We will make devout wishes at the prayer stone. We are for the peace and tranquility of the Lake of Equilibrium, guarded by three stone sisters: Vera, Nadezhda and Lubov. We will also dive into the history of the hard work of the tungsten miners at an old mine. And now, full of impressions, we will leave this beautiful place with a little note of regret and go way back.


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