Horse riding1

HORSES FOR HIRE – 19€ per person-day.

HORSE RIDING INSTRUCTOR – € 27 per day (for group)

Horseback riding is possible in the surrounding of the Small Jemeney Tract (near the city of Zaisan), the village of Urunkhayka (the Markakol Lake) and the Yazevoe Lake. A leisurely walk along the tight places for vehicles allows to plunge into the natural world of East Kazakhstan. You could climb to the inaccessible hill which offers a magical, breathtaking panorama. You have an opportunity to feel yourself part of the reserved ancient world.

Horse riding

If you have never sat in the saddle, experienced instructors can help you acquire basic riding skills. They explain how to treat a horse to make it for you not only just transport, but a friend and an assistant. They make sure the animal behave calm during the trip. Those who already know how to ride a horse could find in the instructor an experienced guide.