GUIDE. from €17 per day.
GUIDE WITH A CAR. from €30 per day.

The travelling to unfamiliar area on map has its charms for those who like adventurous travel. But such kind of tourism takes a lot of free time which you could spend not for a route definition, and for rest in beautiful preservation areas. Local residents gladly help tourists to choose the best route to interesting natural and historical monuments. They also can accompany a group to the destination by dangerous or difficult areas of passible roads and other unpleasant surprise. In addition, they can tell you the histories and legends composed by the people about tourist sites of East Kazakhstan. The cost of guide depends on the conditions in which the guide works. Service cost will depend on the costs assigned to the guide (payment for accommodation, food, fuel).


CHEF. from €30 per day.
First of all, any traveler needs time and effort to find wonderful landscapes and unforgettable impressions. In the midst of the rest, no one wants to worry about how to fill power and to get energy for creating a new route. Therefore, we offer a personal chef as an additional service. An experienced chef will help on any route, no matter how far from the inhabited places. Travelers always will be fed at the right time. To achieve the full comfort, a chief will prepare as many times a day, as the group members want. Our chiefs can cook the dishes of national, European and Slavic cuisine. The price of the service depends primarily on the qualification level of chiefs which travelers wish to take. The cost depends on the choice of a client.


INTERPRETER (English, Russian, Kazakh). From €30 per day.
Traveling around the country where local residents speak in a language that you have never heard before is fun for fans of extreme, but it is a problem for all. Local residents can tell tourists about the hidden interesting places, the problems, waiting along a route. It is a great pleasure for them to tell you a lot of interesting stories and legends connected with the visited sites. Any traveler could get help if people understand what is required from them. The landscape barrier is overcome quickly and easily with the help of an experienced interpreter. If he has an extensive knowledge of an area, a trip can be even more fun and informative. Interpreters of Ltd. “Amazing Zaisan Travel” can perform both functions without problem, thereby significantly brighten up any trip.