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TYPE OF ROUTE: educational, entertaining, group.

LENGTH: 270 km.

DURATION: 4 days, 3 nights.

SAESONALITY: June - August.

TRAVELERS CATEGORY: citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

THE NAME OF THE MAIN GEOGRAPHICAL POINTS: the border point Maikapchagai-Jimunai – Zaisan city – Small Jemeney Tract – Zaisan Lake – (petroglyphs Okay – Shilikty Valley) – the border point Maikapchagai-Jimunai.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming gear, backpack, walking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment, fish-tackle.

TOUR PRICE: from 200 €.

Zaisan central square


Our small trip starts at the border point Maikapchagai-Jimunai. Here we meet a group of tourists from the People’s Republic of China and move to Zaisan by comfortable bus. Zaisan – is the regional administrative center. After accommodation in the hotel Rakhat, we will make a walk together with our guests through the city parks, get acquainted with the daily life of the residents of Zaisan and visit the regional museum of local lore. Today’s found of the museum consists of more than seven thousand exhibits and documentary materials. In the museum there are several exhibitions: in the hall called “Natural” you can get acquainted with the naturalistic sights of the region, its features, the ethnographic hall will tell about the ancient culture of the people, the formation of traditions. The modern hall is devoted to today's day of the district. After getting acquainted with the history of the region we invite our guests to the recreation area “Baiterek”, where everyone will have a rest in the woods, acquaintance with the national Kazakh cuisine and traditional tea drinking.

Small Jemeney etno


On the second day we are traveling to the Saur mountains. We will get to a pheasant farm near the village of Zhanaturmys by bus. The pheasant farm was established in 2016 as part of the joint project of the peasant farm “Aika” Akhmetsalimkyzy Aelita and UNDP Kazakhstan to support the sustainable development of the animal numbers of the Saur Mountains. On the farm, in semi-free conditions, it is possible to observe and photograph the representatives of one of the most beautiful subspecies of birds – the Semirechensk pheasant. In the wild, this species is difficult to observe because of its shy temper.
Next, we are in for and east mountain walk to the tourist camp in the Small Jemeney Tract. Upon arrival at the camp a short concert is waiting for our guests. The program includes national music and folk dances. In their spare time, everyone will have the opportunity to explore the mountains, surrounding the camp. For an additional fee, you can ride horses or try your hand at the shooting range. In the evening we will all return to the hotel “Rakhat”.

Okey petroglyphs


We offer two options to spend the third day of travel in Zaisan district. The first option is a holiday on the shore of the warm Zaisan Lake, where you can either take a dip and take a sun bath, or try yourself as a sport fisherman. The second option is to visit the mounds of the famous Shiliktinsky Valley and the petroglyphs gallery under the open sky. The first is known for the fact that there was found the third gold armor of Kazakhstan in the burials of influential Saka nobles. Petroglyphs called Okey, in turn, will tell about the life of the inhabitants of these places. Ancient artists tried to convey to us their customs, traditions, ways of extracting food and much more. Regardless of the chosen option, in the evening, buses will take tourists to the cozy rooms of the hotel “Rakhat”.

Zaisan Rakhat


After a hearty breakfast, we have again accommodation in the bus and head towards the border point of Maikapchagai-Jimunai. Our little adventure in East Kazakhstan is coming to an end.


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