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TYPE OF ROUTE: horseback riding, ecological.

LENGTH: 1080 km.

DURATION: 5 days/4 nights.

SEASONALITY: June – August.

TRAVELERS CATEGORY: adults, teenagers.

THE NAME OF THE MAIN GEOGRAPHICAL POINTS: Ust-Kamenogorsk city – Small Jemeney Tract – Temirsu Tract – Taldybulak Tract – Shoshpaly Tract – Zhirentay Tract –Wintering Kaiyndybulak – Small Jemeney – Ust-Kamenogorsk city.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming gear, backpack, walking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment.

TOUR PRICE: from € 900.


The Saur Ridge is located in the territories of two states – the Republic of Kazakhstan and the People’s Republic of China. It begins in China at the western outskirts of the Ulungur Lake and stretches from east to west, bordering the hollow by rugged gorges wall on the north side. This hollow is closed by convex slope of the Kaldzhir Ridge outside Kazakhstan on the south side. In the west, falling sharply, the Saur Ridge turns into the Manrak Ridge, almost reaching their spurs the shores of the Zaisan Lake.

On the bioclimatic characteristics, the Saur Ridge and the Tarbagatay Mountains occupy on intermediate position between mountains of southern Siberia and Central Asian mountain physiographic country, forming a boundary between them. The northern slopes of Saur on which we will travel are highly dissected by numerous valleys and its structure look like Altai.


The climate in Saur is sharply continental with mid-annual air temperature of +14.0°С, absolute minimum temperatures of -47°С, absolute maximum of +40°С. The middle temperatures for July is +23°С, for January is -17.2°С. With increasing altitude, the temperature regularly drops. If at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, the average July temperature is +19°С, at an altitude of 1000 meters, it is reduced to +16°С, and at an altitude of 1 500 meters, it is +13°С.

The northern foothills and the spurs of Saur are covered with semi-desert vegetation. In the lowlands there is shrubland and bushland. To the south, with an increase in the spurs and front range, the landscape becomes dissected midlands with meadows, meadow prairies and shrubs. There are forests of Siberian larch, Tien Shan spruce and also fir. Along the river valleys, forests climb to altitude of about 2 600 meters. Next, the middle mountain meadows and the forests give way to short-grass alpine meadows and mid-grass.


The area of Saur abounds in medium and small rivers, streams, springs and keys. All rivers shared by the territory of Kazakhstan part of Saur belong to the river basins of the Irtysh River and the Zaisan Lake.

There are no large lakes, except wetlands and small semibog semilake landscapes that is very rarely on the rolling hills. Large waterbody in the territory of hunting husbandry is the Uydenenskoe Reservoir located near the north-western boundary of the economy in the middle flow of the Uydene River.

Saur is the corner of untouched nature with a large number of populations of animals and birds of various kinds: from large marals to small rodents. And that is better to see for ourselves.

Maliy Jemeney2


The group leaves Ust-Kamenogorsk by a car on the road, leading to the Zaisan city through the village of Kalbatau and the village of Kokpekty. The final point of the day trip is the base camp of hunting husbandry “Zaisanskoe” located in the Small Jemeney Tract on the slopes of the Saur Ridge.

For the rest of the day, travelers meet their companions, who will accompany tourists in the next few days. The guests can try to ride on horseback.

Saur horses


After breakfast, the equestrian group of rangers and tourists leaves Small Jemeney and goes to the Temirsu Tract located at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level on a river bank. On the way, we enjoy views and across the Kyzylbulak River. In the tract, travelers rest and have lunch in natural conditions.

But it is too early to stop. Saur World is waiting for us. The group leaves Temirsu and moved to the Taldybulak Tract. On the way, crossing many small rivers, rises and descents expect the riders. That is the end of the day trip. The group sits by the fire, has supper and spends the night in the tent camp.

Saur night


After breakfast we leave the camp on the riverbank of the Taldybulak River and go to the Shoshpaly Tract. On the way, we meet another river – Terekty. It is the place for break and delicious lunch.

Enjoying the natural tranquility and beauty of the landscape of mountain meadows and forests we go to the Zhirentay Tract. Here we can stay in the tent camp for the night.



Early morning, we leave Zhirentay and slowly, among the road, go back to the base camp Small Jemeney. Among this way, we can make a stop near the wintering Kayyndybulak for making a camp and dinner. On arrival at the base camp, tourists have supper, go to the sauna and rest in the wooden houses.

Maliy Jemeney inside


We say goodbye to our companions, who accompanied us by the little trip on the northern slopes of the Saur Ridge. Then we leave the camp in Small Jemeney and go to Ust-Kamenogorsk. On the way, we make a stop near the natural monument Burning Adyrs. Here we can admire the clay soft sediments, in which people sometimes find remains of prehistoric lizards. Then we go to Ust-Kamenogorsk. That ends our trip.

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