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TYPE OF ROUTE: adventure.

LENGTH: 180 km.

DURATION: 4 days/3 nights.

SEASONALITY: May – August.

TRAVELERS CATEGORY: citizens of the People’s Republic of China.

THE NAME OF THE MAIN GEOGRAPHICAL POINTS: the border point Maikapchagai-Jimunai – Zaisan city – Small Jemeney Tract – the border point Maikapchagai-Jimunai.

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: clothes for hot and cool weather, walking shoes, backpack, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment.

TOUR PRICE: from 1500 €.



After the meeting at the border point of Maykapchagai- Jimunai, a group of photo-hunters moves to the base camp, located in the Small Jemeney Tract. On the way tourists will visit the regional center – Zaisan. They will also have the opportunity to walk along the aviary, where Semirechensk pheasants are raised. It is very beautiful birds. Especially males. In the wild, it is difficult to catch these beautiful birds because of their shy temper. Here, on a special farm, which was created specifically to increase the population of this species, you can get a lot of different photos of beautiful birds.

Further, the road lays among picturesque gorges. After arriving at the camp the group will settle in cozy wooden houses. In the national yurt, travelers will be able to taste local Kazakh cuisine. In his spare time, you can walk along the slopes overgrown with bushes and trees, surrounding Small Jemeney, go down to the shore of a mountain river and just breathe the fresh mountain air.



The morning begins with a hearty breakfast. A difficult journey in search of objects for memorable photographs awaits participants of photo hunting. The Saur Mountains is a whole world where there are a large number of animals and birds of different species. Travelers saddle horses and, accompanied by an experienced ranger, go to places of congestion of wild inhabitants of the ridge.

The Saur is many-sided. If semi-desert areas and steppes predominate at the foot, then with increasing altitude there are already forests from Siberian larch and Tien Shan fir. At higher altitudes, you can reach subalpine meadows and even glaciers. This variety of natural areas give photo hunters all the chances to meet maral, marmot, bear, fox, wild boar, roe deer, black grouse, snowcock, partridge, woodcock, etc. This is only a list of the most common inhabitants. In these mountains, you can meet rare animals. For example, a rare Saur subspecies of argali. Local residents can tell about the frequent traces of the mysterious snow leopard. And let the opportunity to meet with him is minimal, but it is there.



After spending the night (at the request of travelers, it can be either in cottages or in a tent camp in the open air) the photo hunting continues. For a successful snapshot, it is not enough to have equipment with a good increase – wild animals do not admit to themselves a potential threat even in the form of a person. Need a patience. The approach to the potential object is carried out slowly in order not to frighten off the model. This should be done quietly and unobtrusively. If everything turned out, the inhabitants of Saur will allow a successful photographer to capture themselves in all their glory. In other matters, without beautiful pictures, no one will be left. The surrounding landscapes represent excellent view for the lens.

After a successful trip, the camp in Small Jemeney again awaits the group. You can relax, bask in the bath, share your impressions of what you saw behind the rich dastarkhan. And, if the previous night was spent in tents and sleeping bags, then in the base camp, travelers will remember about the comfort of the bed, pillow and blanket.



Day of departure. After breakfast, the group collects their belongings and sets off on the way to the border crossing point. On the border with the People's Republic of China, a short journey through the Kazakhstan part of the Saur mountains comes to an end. However, a large number of magnificent pictures taken on the slopes of mountains far from settlements will support pleasant memories of the trip for a long time.


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