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TYPE OF ROUTE: helicopter, educational.

LENGTH: 800 km.

DURATION: 1 day or 2 days/1 night.

SEASONALITY: June – August.

TRAVELERS CATEGORY: adults, teenagers.

THE NAME OF THE MAIN GEOGRAPHICAL POINTS: Ust-Kamenogorsk city – Roerich's stone – Kokkol waterfall –Berel Mounds – the Burkhat Pass – the village of Katon-Karagai (1 day) // – Markakol Lake, the source of the Kaldzhir River – temple complex Akbaur – Ust-Kamenogorsk city (2 days).

RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT: clothes for hot and cool weather, swimming gear, backpack, walking shoes, sunglasses, repellents, photo and video equipment, fish-tackle (2 days).

TOUR PRICE: from € 3 400.

Ust Kamenogorsk


We meet at a hotel in the Ust-Kamenogorsk city and go to the helipad. After landing in a comfortable helicopter, we lifted off the ground and head in the direction of the rich in the natural wonders of Katon-Karagai district. Flying along the border between Kazakhstan and Russia, we enjoy a bird’s-eye views of the Southern Altai. We see the Bukhtarma Reservoir, floating below us, many rivers and the picturesque the mountain lake Yazevoe.

Stone of wishes

Our first landing is on the ground near the famous Roerich's stone. It is considered, that sitting on it, a well-known artist created his paintings with the picture of Belukha Mountain. The view of the mountain, the source of many beliefs is really exciting. Here you may have the feeling as if it is a place imbued with energy beams. According to the beliefs of many people in Altai, around here somewhere near Belukha mountain, there is hidden a fabulous land of Shangri-la. Another name for the small butt is Rock Wish. Many tourists, performing the pilgrimage to the greatest Altai Mountain, fall down before the stone and share with it the most secret wishes. It is said that your wish will come true.


Weather permitting, we will have an opportunity to climb to the glacier, which shows the whole valley at the foot of Belukha Mountain. It is possible to take some great pictures. We fly to the waterfall near the Kokkol Lake. Here we not only admire the beauty of the tumultuous rushing streams, but also to get some of the useful ionized air. The waterfall, crashing at the foot of the mountain to the millions of tiny splashes, creates a rainbow in the sun and fills the space of the water particles. There is never hot. Here is in peace and tranquility, despite the roar of the waterfall.


Next, we step into history. We fly to the museum complex located at the site of mounds of Saka kings near the village of Berel. This historical monument belongs to the IV – III centuries BC. It is notable for the fact that in the course of excavations here were found many objects, testifying to the wealth and luxury of the buried. Both the objects and body were perfectly preserved by permafrost, which was formed under the stonework of the mounds.

Bukhtarma river

Saka culture is rich and diverse. The famous animal style in jewelry and decoration is associated with its development. We are for the next point of our trip is the Burkhat Pass. With its height, there is a breathtaking view of the green valley, which pierces the old Austrian road. At the beginning of the last century, in the fields of the First World War, captured Austrian soldiers built a road that links Katon-Karagai and Kurchum districts. Due to this builders, the road got the name that is valid until today. Also a panorama captures a view of the valley of the Bukhtarma River.

From this picturesque corner, we fly to the airfield near the village of Katon-Karagai. While the helicopter fills up fuel reserves, we have an opportunity to look around and explore the population center better. Upon completion of refueling, we go back to Ust-Kamenogorsk. However, if we decide to extend our air travel for another day, we go straight to the recreation area, where we stay for the night. Here you can get some useful treatments at an additional coast.



We live by the helicopter the village of Katon-Karagai and admire the peaks of the mountains covered with coniferous forests and the beautiful Markakol Lake. We make landing on the river bank at the source of the Kaldzhir River to see this natural wonder.

The famous traveler, naturalist, hunter, expert and researcher of Altai N.I. Yablonsky says the following words about the beauty of the lake: “At only one memory of the wondrous beauty of this big lake in the Southern Altai mountains, I am every time attracted to wonderful corner of the world, this earthy paradise. And I would have anything, sacrificed a lot to have an opportunity to go back and live there forever without experiencing the special needs and deprivation. I have never seen anywhere the more picturesque mountain place, although I traveled a lot in my life. During the period of my life in the Southern Altai, I visited the Markakol Lake several time. I was there in the spring, summer and late autumn, and every time I admired it and could not stop looking at the full. Every time I didn’t want to return home”.

We have a lot of time to agree with Yablonsky’s words. We can explore the shores of the Kaldzhir and the Markakol. If you wish, you can plunge into the cold waters of one of the largest Altai waterbodies.


As much as we wish to stay, but we need to fly out to the next point of travel. During the flight, we can take pictures of the latitude of the Bukhtarma Reservoir. We also take one pass over the stone “Sphinx” near the village of Izgutty Aytykov. Then we land on the helicopter pad near the ancient astrological complex Akbaur. Here you can see carvings and petroglyphs of the Stone Age. This is the place where our ancestors performed various religious rites, the remains of a prehistoric observatory, where the primitive people observed the heavenly bodies.

That ends our two-day helicopter tour. Once again we are at heliport in Ust-Kamenogorsk and there we say goodbye until next time.

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