LUX – 360 €

Hiking trips allow carefully examine the area, but limit participants in time and number of places to visit. To deliver your car in Kazakhstan, especially from abroad, is problematic and it is connected with a variety of bureaucratic issues. Hitchhiking trips are not safe. Using route vehicles does not always help to achieve the desired travel destination. For these and many other reasons, Ltd. “Amazing Zaisan Travel” offers tourists the best option – the rental service of different class of vehicles for trips to the sights of East Kazakhstan region. Behind the wheel of each vehicle is an experienced driver, who can take a group without any problems to any desired object. Depending on the location of the points of travel and on the wishes of travelers, we have an opportunity to offer the most suitable transport to overcome a proposed route. It can be both a luxury SUV and less expensive vehicle with high passing ability or a capacious minivan. All expenses for the vehicle exploitation and the needs of a driver are included in the rental price. Travelers just should get in a car, say necessary place and enjoy a trip.