LLP «Amazing Zaisan Travel» is an integral and rapidly developing part of the group of companies, operating in tourism and related industries in East Kazakhstan region.


Among the companies, belonging to this association, it should be noted peasant economy “Aika” Ahmetsalimkyzy Aelita, acting in Zaisan district of East Kazakhstan region. In the early 2000's it began its activities in the agricultural industry. Economy has been gradually strengthened, extended its interest and now, in addition to carrying out its regular activities, engaged in providing a variety of tours: ethnographic, educational, environmental, rural, fishing and hunting.

In the assets of our economy, there are a lot of lands for different purposes, guest houses, organized recreation, catering services, a large staff of experts in their native land. This allows workers not only to use the natural resources of East Kazakhstan, but also to send a significant amount of the proceeds to maintain the biodiversity of the area, the preservation of corners of pristine nature, the protection of local nature from the negative influence of man and his activities. Among the many projects carried out by the peasant economy “Aika” in this direction only in recent years can be noted the construction of a farm for breeding pheasants, establishing of apple orchard, measures to preserve and develop the maral, roe deer and Saur argali population.

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Our group of companies also includes the representative of the restaurant business. They provide high quality service and varied cuisine. As one of the demonstrative facilities, we offer the restaurant “Caravan”. It is located in the city of Ust-Kamenogork on the picturesque bank of the Irtysh River. Nobody was left emotionless by unobtrusive service, dishes of national and European cuisine and classic interior. We have another member of association that helps us to resolve transport issues – Ltd. “BMK TRANS”.

The main activities of Ltd. “Amazing Zaisan Travel” is tourism. We organize unique trips, car trips, horseback riding tours in the most picturesque corners of wildlife, as well as tours of the historical sites that abound in the land of East Kazakhstan. Through extensive partnerships, we are able to guarantee a complete technical equipment of any trip to our region, restaurant services, services of a personal chef, availability of qualified staff (interpreter, guide, ranger etc.), 24-hours service of guest support, and of course, your full-safety.


Ltd. “Amazing Zaisan Travel” assumes document execution, visas, border passes and addressing the other administrative problems. We can organize special tours and expeditions of different difficulty levels in the most remote corners of East Kazakhstan upon preliminary application.


Our office is located at: the EKR, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Slavsky embankment, 16.

Booking service: +7-707-225-00-64

Sales department: +7-7232-25-19-38

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